Warranty Information

Thank you for choosing Lighthouse Plank Floors. Our commitment to quality and confidence in our process allows us to offer a warranty on our hardwood flooring. Under this warranty Lighthouse, will at its own discretion, either replace or repair manufacturing defects of any product covered by this warranty and subject to the following conditions and exclusions. This warranty includes manufacturing defects caused during manufacture, grading, and factory applied finish. Repair or replacement is the sole remedy.

Lighthouse Plank Floors will adhere to all design specifications with regards to species, grade and construction of materials requested. Lighthouse adheres to strict quality standards; since wood is a product of nature, the color grain pattern, and character will vary between individual boards. Therefore, when Lighthouse creates a control sample, we are attempting to provide a fair representation of the color, tone and texture. Due to the handcrafted nature of our product, these features will vary from board to board and species to species, and Lighthouse cannot guarantee to hold the exact color, tone and texture throughout the entire job due to the unique characteristics of each piece of wood.


Hardwood flooring is manufactured from natural materials and includes the character and imperfections common to all natural materials. Certain industry standards have been defined by the industry to assist the end user in selecting a product that meets their requirements. This warranty covers any manufacturing defects, grading errors, or defects from the finishing process in excess of the industry standard defect allowance of 5%. Damage which occurs during shipping, because of improper moving, or improper handling during installation is expressly excluded. This warranty does not cover Rustic Grade flooring, closeout material, or “as is” materials. When ordering hardwood flooring a minimum of 5% for defect shall be added to the actual square footage and cutting allowance.


Lighthouse’s waterborne polyurethane finish carries a standard 15-year wear through warranty when properly maintained. With all floors, proper cleaning and maintenance is necessary to preserve the warranty. Please contact your authorized Lighthouse dealer or distributor for proper care and maintenance products.

Lighthouse’s Natural oil finish carries a limited lifetime warranty when properly maintained. By following Lighthouse’s recommended cleaning and maintenance program and using only Lighthouse’s factory authorized cleaning and maintenance kit, the Natural finish is warranted against wear through for the lifetime of the floor. In addition, this finish can be easily repaired should any minor scratches or blemishes occur by following Lighthouse’s cleaning and maintenance program. Please contact your authorized Lighthouse dealer or distributor for proper care and maintenance products.


Prior to installation the owner or installer shall allow the flooring to properly acclimate inside the residence for a period of not less than seven (7) days. Failure to properly acclimate flooring prior to installation will void the warranty.

Prior to installation the owner or installer shall test the moisture content of the flooring material and the subfloor. Flooring shall not be installed if either material is above 11% moisture content or if the difference in the moisture content between the materials is greater than 2%. Lighthouse will not be responsible for jobsite conditions and cannot honor any warranties if those conditions are not in compliance with National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) standards.

The owner or installer must, prior to installation, inspect the flooring for adherence to grade and absence of manufacturing defect. Once a board has been nailed or otherwise installed it is deemed acceptable by the owner and/or installer and they waive any and all claims against the manufacturing defect, finishing defect, or grade. It is the installer’s responsibility to cull boards with defect, regardless of cause. Boards having apparent defect should !be set aside and will be considered part of the industry accepted 5% defect allowance. In such situations Lighthouse’s liability is limited to replacement of defective material in excess of 5% of the square footage purchased, excluding the cutting allowance. Lighthouse will not be responsible for labor or installation costs. If you are dissatisfied as to grade, finish quality, or milling quality, STOP the installation immediately and contact your dealer or distributor.


This warranty is limited to the original purchaser and is non-transferable. When making a claim, proof of purchase or a receipt is required. This warranty is limited to the flooring that has been installed and used for strictly residential uses. Commercial warranties are addressed on individual basis.

The warranty against wear excludes damages caused by water or use of wet cleaning tools. Damage caused by lack of maintenance or negligence, marks or scratches from heavy blows, furniture, house pet’s nails, high heel shoes, rocks, sand or other abrasives, along with lack of prevention and protection and excessive environmental condition are not covered under this warranty.

Also, worn floor must cover more than 10% of the floor surface. Moreover, Lighthouse cannot guarantee its finishes against darkening or fading due to normal wear. Discoloration from the sun is not covered under the warranty. To protect hardwood floors, it is recommended that felt pads, which should be cleaned and changed frequently, be glued to the bottom of furniture legs and bases. Rugs should be used in doorways, high traffic areas and places where water may be a problem. Discoloration and damage due to water prone areas such as sinks, showers and tubs is excluded along with potential stains and damages from pets.

Wood expands and contracts with seasonal changes in temperature and humidity. Even when properly installed, slight gaps between boards may appear. These are normal and are not considered a defect. These gaps are not included under warranty. Damage caused by low or extremely high humidity is not covered under warranty.

This warranty does not cover damage sustained from transportation, storage, handling, or installation by any other cause not expressly covered by the warranty as described herein. This warranty does not cover labor cost or any losses or expenses incurred as a result of a covered defect. The responsibility of Lighthouse under the terms of this warranty is limited to, at their discretion, replacing defective products or refunding the affected portion of the floor in question covered under the warranty. No Lighthouse distributor, retailer, agent, salesperson, or representative is authorized to modify, in any way, the conditions or duration of this warranty.

This warranty specifically replaces and excludes any other warranty in relation to Lighthouse including the legal warranty in jurisdiction where exclusion of such warranties may be provided for by law. Under no circumstances may the product buyer exercise any type of recourse what so ever against Lighthouse except for conditions specifically for this warranty.


If you wish to place a claim under warranty, first contact your authorized Lighthouse dealer or distributor where the flooring was purchased. Claims must be filed in writing within one (1) month of appearance of defect. Lighthouse reserves the right to inspect the product. No alteration, replacement or repair may be carried out prior to the inspection period. Failure to comply with this stipulation will render the warranty null and void.





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