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Lighthouse Plank Floors was founded by hardwood flooring professionals who have been on the front lines; sanding, finishing and installing hardwood flooring, for more than 20 years.  Our company was born out of a desire to offer customers a premium, high-quality hardwood flooring line-up that fits any type of budget, project or application.

As professionals specializing in custom flooring and finishing, we saw a huge gap in the products and flooring our customers wanted versus the pre-finished products we were able to offer them.  With the traditional flooring manufacturers, customers couldn't choose from different board widths, they couldn't choose whether they wanted solid or engineered flooring and they certainly couldn't add any texturing like hand scraping or wire brushing if it wasn't included with the floor.  There was a very narrow menu of options to choose from.  Additionally, sanding and re-finishing the floors was in many cases a non-starter due to the small wear layers and low quality of the material.  

At Lighthouse, we offer the look and quality of a custom site-finished floor and because it is pre-finished, we can ship it to customers anywhere.  We have put together a mix of classic and unique colors that offer more flexibility than nearly all of our competitors.  You also have the option to select certain widths and add texturing with a hand scrape or wire brush.  Every floor is custom finished to your specific order.  We source and supply great flooring platforms that will last a lifetime and with the quality of our materials these floors can be sanded and re-finished if the need arises. 

Selecting a hardwood floor can be a complicated process with all of the choices available especially when navigating options on the internet.  At Lighthouse, we strive to make this an enjoyable experience. 





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